I chose this name

I chose this name and identity because it expresses that which simply ‘is’—the immediate and active life-state and timeless connection with all things. It is from this connection, this oneness, that my images emerge. But it is the lack of oneness in global society that is the driving force behind my work.

ISz, originally from coZmic parts unknown, was born and raised in the Peoria, IL area.

I was always drawn (pun intended) to creating images. Making marks of all kinds on whatever surface I could find was a natural act for me. I discovered coloring and comic books early on and loved the lines, shapes and colors: an early inspiration.

My grandfather, father and my fathers' brother were all excellent draftsmen, so it was passed on to me. Fortunately, my art interest was always encouraged by family and friends; although my grandfather told me that I was the "craziest” of his side of the family based on my images. My skills were discovered and rewarded throughout my early/mid years of formal education, although I did not like the idea of rewards for something that seemed so easy. My art skills did however get me into "hot water a few times as the teachers frowned on my releasing creative impulses on textbooks. At the time it seemed natural to me.

Northern Illinois University and Beyond

Skip ahead to my time at Northern Illinois University. Despite my artistic interests I started my college education as a bio-chemistry major, planning on being a doctor or dentist. It only took one semester to realize that the art “world was calling with a loud and persistent voice, and my passion for it continued to evolve and grow. I started my university art education as a comprehensive design major. After a few semesters I transferred my major to painting and drawing with a minor in design. I later left the university setting out to continue my art education in Malibu, CA. where I lived in the home of a graduate from Northern Illinois University who was a writer for TV and the “big” screen. His only criteria for staying in his home was to create, create and create-and occasionally babysit his two children. I had my first exhibit in a place called the Sandpiper Gallery which increased my desire to create and show my images. After several months in California I returned to studies at Northern Illinois University until I decided it was time to embrace the rigors of the “real world"- OUCH! This entry began my travels to Sanibel Island, FL., to Long Island, NY, to Washington DC, to State College, Pa, and finally to my present residence in Chicago, Illinois, almost full circle. Along this path I discovered the inspiration behind every mark I make, or had made, is the need to attempt filling the void caused by the lack of ONEness in the global community with the images to emulate that ONEness; be it minute or magnificent.

Chicago Contemporary Artist

I have resided in Chicago, creating and for almost thirty years, exhibiting in a variety of galleries in a number of states and internationally. My “belief in the spirit of ONEness" continues to be the driving force behind all of my creations. I donate to a variety of causes including: Mission Liberia (education), Jonny's Angels (suicide awareness), and Reading in Motion (literacy).

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